I’m not good at English, in fact I suck at the language :-[. But I love to write :-). I write because I have too many thoughts running through my mind for me to keep track of. I write because sometimes it is the only way I can hear myself. I write because I find words to be comforting. I write because pen and paper (in this case my keypad and my computer screen) are the best listeners ever, they never judge they just listen as I type my pain, sorrow, regrets and fears away. If you ask me writing is the best therapy life has allowed us.
So why blog? I figured it is an awesome way to store and easily access my writings whenever I want. I write a lot about my future, my goals and my dreams. I believe that God has a great purpose for my life and I’m certain that I am divinely powerful. So I choose to write about it as often as I can. Sometimes I write just to strength my own faith. Starting a blog is my own way of taking a step in my faith and trust in God for everything I want to achieve. It allows me to globally testify of miracles that are yet to happen. ¬†Additionally, I hope to draw strength from other people in the world and while I am at it I hope I’ll inspire a soul or two in return.
So join me world as I embark on this journey of chasing and writing about my dreams :-).